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Dear Friend,

If you are reading this letter from me now, then it means you probably have doubts about whether or not you should take advantage of this incredible, soon-to-be-gone, unusual opportunity to participate in this special pre-launch offer for Dan Kennedy's Info-Riches System.


If thats the case, then frankly, Im puzzled and a little confused. I mean, if youve read this far, then you are obviously interested in making huge profits in the exciting world of Information Marketing.


This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to profit from over 25 years of millionaire-making, real world, experience of a legendary, respected Information Marketing MASTER.  Everything you could possibly want to know about this fascinating field will be laid out for you, handed over to you on a silver platter, youll get Dan Kennedys VERY OWN Blueprint for Info Marketing successso you can start generating a healthy stream of profits into your bank account.


I want you to know that I personally have admiration for Dan Kennedy, and have directly profited from his genius and wisdom over the years. So have other direct marketing heavyweights like Yanik Silver, Jeff Paul, Ken McCarthy and Ron LeGrand.  And YESeven John Reese. I KNOW that you will be able to generate huge profits from his advice and information as well.


I'm confident that you understand how this System could be your once-in-a-lifetime chance to get into the lucrative information marketing. After all...


How Many Other People Do You Know Who Can Claim Theyve Created As Many Info-Millionares As Dan Kennedy?


Frankly, no one.  The undeniable proof is there. Probably the only question you have to ask yourself is...


Will I GRAB this opportunityor let it slip by?


You really need to give this some serious thought. I know... I know... there are hundreds of different opportunities out there to start your own business, and every Tom, Dick, and Harry is touting themselves as info-marketing experts.  But if you want REAL answers, go to the marketing guru that OTHER gurus go to for advice.  Here is your chance to get the distillation of Dan Kennedys 25+ years of expertise in this exciting niche.  Hes showed others how to create millions, and he can show you as well.


And once you start making money, your friends and family will wonder what you're doing.


Look, I know your probably skeptical. Maybe even scared. I'm sure you said to yourself "I've heard it all before". I've read the hype the other opportunities claim. But as I've explained to you, Dan Kennedys System is different...He is the REAL deal.


And what if I'm right? What if it this really IS different.


Im afraid your going to let skepticism, fear, financial limitations, or even procrastination stop you from really tasting success in your own profitable information marketing business. 


As one of my valued subscribers,  YOURE SUCCESS IS IMPORTANT TO ME.  Let me sit down with you right now and have a little heart-to-heart talk.  There are TWO main obstacles that stand in the way of your success right is lack of proper knowledgeand the other is FEAR.


You know, there is a quote I LOVE and I try to live my life by, here it is:


You MISS 100% of the shots you NEVER take. Wayne Gretzky


Dont let fear hold you back from making a decision that COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  You have nothing to lose.  You are protected by a risk-free guarantee.Dont you owe it to yourself and your family to TAKE ACTION, get this program in your hands and judge for yourself?


In a private conversation between Gary Halbert and a few consulting clients, I heard him say:  You know the main difference between successful people and failures?


The room was quiet.


Successful people FOCUS on all the perks of success, and that motivates them to TAKE ACTION.  Failures on the other hand dwell on all the things that could go wrong...and the FEAR paralyzes them, Gary said.

So act like a successful person would. 

Focus on all the perks of success...

Just imagine yourself living a lifestyle most people only dream ofpicture yourself having an avalanche of orders come inraking in more money in a month (even a few days) than most people slave away all year for!

See yourself relaxing and living the good lifeno time-clocks to puncha life of leisurea beautiful dream homeluxury carsand having the money to entertain your family and friends in the nicest, most expensive restaurants

It doesnt have to be a fantasymarketing information has been VERY good to meand I know you can enjoy the same type of successif you have the right knowledge.  And you take action!

And what if you only do half as well as I and others have... wouldn't that still...Change Your Life Forever?


What if YOU became Dan Kennedys next info-millionaire/rags-to-riches story?

If you dont respond, chances are you will either:

1. Struggle mightily, tooth-and-nail, just scraping by


2.  Call me a year from now, totally frustrated with the other opportunities youve TRIED to make work, wanting help.

The only difference is that if you wait and procrastinate, you'll miss your deadline and the special pre-launch price for this system.


After the deadline the price will revert back to $1,370 (still an incredible value)

So, what do you need to do now?

Just take advantage of this 100% No Risk, 30-Day Free Inspection Guarantee

Or keep shooting at the target with a blindfold on and bad information. (Or worse, be totally paralyzed by FEAR. The choice is ultimately yours.

So if you snooze... you will lose!

Its in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped, so take action now!  You will soon look back on this day as the turning point in your life!

I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity.  I promise it will be one of the best decisions you make for yourself, and guarantee it will be one of the best investments you make in your business this year. 

Carl Galletti



P.S: WARNING: This is a REAL, legitimate time deadline.  This is NOT a clever marketing ploy or Javascript that is designed to keep changing. Tonight this special Pre-Launch Special"  WILL END.  No exceptions.


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